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The Inconvenient Miracle 

Inconvenent Miracle
Zennie Trieu
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Ms. Schmitt and Ms. Simon’s writing is not simplistic; their symbiotic willingness to be forthright and face complexity urges not just the characters to reexamine their relationships to religion... but  encourages the audience members to challenge their own perceptions of faith, 

Spinoza's Ethics 

Spinza's Ethics
Bob Criso
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Despite the heavy, cerebral themes, this play is accessible to all and contains a delightful balance of wit and tenderness — welcome counterpoint to the thought-provoking ideas being addressed."

Roger Gonzolez
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"Philosophy, self-discovery, and a woman coming-of-age at the heart of "Spinoza's Ethics." 

Carey Purcell
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 Audiences are invited into Ruth’s home and marriage, which ends unhappily, and her attempts to navigate life as a single woman striving to learn the meaning of her place on earth.

The Chalice

The Chalice
Faith in Focus
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I wrote this play because I was—I am—struggling with my faith. The question is not whether I ought to be Catholic but rather: How ought I to be Catholic?   

Bruce Jones
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It is so important to see people of color (and LGBTQ people) as being human beings experiencing pain and loss and love and everything in between.  


Sarah Weber
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Whatchamacallit will induce laughter for any audience. Religion is a touchy subject, and Schmitt has found an approachable way to encourage people to laugh about their own relationships with faith."

Robert K. Gonyo
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Listen in as Emily, along with director Ria T. DiLullo...discuss the hero’s journey, embodying third wave feminism, Catholic education, a play and rehearsal process mostly free from the male gaze, and how songs can sometimes sing you."

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