The Chalice

When Alex's estranged father dies, he leaves behind a chalice of sacred wine belonging to a man known as Hitler's Pope.  As disagreements over their father's intentions threaten to destroy an already tenuous relationship with his deeply  religious sister, Alex is forced to face the corruption not only within the Church he abandoned, but within himself..


The Inconvenient Miracle:

A Mysterious Birth Musical

Vanessa, the only atheist at Saint Angela’s School for Girls, is simply minding her own business when the strange girl who claims to be a mystic declares her the next Virgin Mary.  After punching said mystic in the face, an act of self-defense obviously, she lands herself in weekly detention with Sister Florence, the last remaining nun on campus. Florence, who is experiencing a crisis of faith related to a dying carrot patch, is more than a little shocked when Vanessa turns out to be, in fact, pregnant. Vanessa, though, has no intention of being anyone’s miracle.



Spinoza's Ethics

Inspired by the true story of an extraordinary and average woman's struggle for love and faith in 1960s America, Spinoza's Ethics follows Ruth as she weaves in and out of marriages, vocations, and states of existence, accompanied always by the early Enlightenment philosopher Baruch Spinoza. Because everything that is simply is.



A Play About Jesus

Vanessa is starting to think that life in her all-girls Catholic highschool will always be boring when the strange girl from school who claims to be a mystic predicts that she will be the next Virgin Mary.   After punching the girl in face, an act of self-defense obviously, she lands herself in weekly detention with the last remaining nun on campus.  Is it possible that Vanessa is the sign from Heaven that Florence has been waiting for?




The sleepy South Shore of Staten Island is devastated when a local teenage girl is senselessly shot to death on the way to school, and Abby has a dark suspicion about who was behind it.  After returning from Manhattan to care for her mother, troubling memories from her childhood begin to resurface, and she discovers that shame and guilt don't go away when you leave your old faith behind.



Under Further Review

When troubled student Annie Sparks commits suicide after accusing a second-string football player of rape, the community is thrown into chaos.  Everyone from the president of the university to a lowly student manager has an opinion about what really happened.  But when her father, a former star athlete himself, begins to search for answers, he is forced to confront not only the university he loves, but his own failings


Based on a True Story.



San Luis, 1989

When a stranger shows up in town offering hundreds of dollars in exchange for hunting the rare golden eagle, the residents of the impoverished San Luis Valley are eager to comply.  But the deal may be too good to be true.  When the man turns out to be a federal agent, accusations of racism, entrapment, and government terrorism tear the community apart.


This play is the true life story of the massive federal poaching raid that decimated San Luis, Colorado.